BULVAX’s main business focus is on the sourcing, exporting and tendering of pharmaceutical supplies and we have built a reputation in more than 90 countries for excellent service and competitive pricing.
These are the factors that have earned our perfect approval rating:
• Bulgarian Drug Agency approval for the implementation of our activities.
• Sourcing ability – our contacts with many wholly dependable wholesalers and suppliers worldwide enable timely supply of almost any product, branded or generic
• All products are supplied certified as genuine with full traceability
• Exporting experience and expertise
• Tendering know-how
• Attentive and responsive customer service from initial enquiry through to delivery


If you have responsibility for obtaining pharmaceutical supplies for a national or local health service, an NGO or a charity, BULVAX can meet your needs quickly, efficiently and at a competitive price. Highly experienced in the pharmaceutical products supply business, and a worldwide network of suppliers and contacts, we provide a service that includes:
• Responsiveness – we will answer your queries and provide quotes within 48 hours of you contacting us

• Shortest realistic lead times, dependably met

• Tendering, both inside and outside the EU

• Supply of wide range of products, included in our Product list.